I’ve been painting since I was in diapers. Having a fine artist for a grandmother taught me many things. How to clean my brushes, that I should often try something new, and that I must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I also learned I am going to accidentally drink more paint water than I’d like to admit. Most importantly, however, I learned what the rules are, and that I enjoy breaking them more often than following them. I’ve learned how to communicate, convey and carry emotions and experiences that often are too abstruse for words.

2019 | Reflect, Celeberties, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

2018 | Connect, The Church, Denver, CO

2017 | Solo Exhibit: Tangled Spaces, Infinite Monkey Theorem, Denver, CO

2015 | Showcase, Vicki Myhren Gallery, Denver, CO

2012 | Finalist at Washington State Fair, Puyallup, WA


If interested in a commission, pricing, showing my work, or anything in between, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m always down to try something new!