the stones in my pockets


A personal project that talks about living with mental illness, and sometimes the places that anxiety and depression can lead you to. In all honesty, it’s a scary project for me to not only start, but to share out loud and online. But this is a topic that I know affects many and it is a discussion that needs to be shared and explored.

This piece, “The Stones In My Pockets” talks about how close people may often come to making choices based in their own mental strife. Virginia Woolf drowned herself in the Ouse River by filling her pockets with stones. How many stones do people carry in their own pockets? Who feels as though they are only one pebble away from drowning? While it is heavy and hard to think about, we so often cannot see these stones that many around us carry every day.

With that said, I will be making one individual, fine print of each stone on quality paper. A total of 19. They will never be re-printed, and the 19 people that choose to participate will be the only ones to tangibly have these individual "stones".

I’m asking for any of you (or those you know who may align with this project) to privately reach out to me and share your story with mental illness. It can be anything from an epiphany to an experience. There are no rules, only that you authentically share the impact it has had on your life. In return, I will assign you a stone, and ideally, would like to share your story anonymously as I extend meaning to every stone in this piece. I am challenging myself to share my own story with those who choose to participate in hopes to make this a safe place.

This piece has evolved for me more than I thought it would when I first began, and I wanted to use it as a way to share the stories of others, and hopefully continue to let the project evolve as it will.

Please help spread the word (I am still looking for a gallery to show in!), and message me if you are interested, curious about price, or want to hear about my own personal story.

All of my love.