National Content Writer for SHejumps

A nonprofit dedicated to increasing the participation of women & girls in outdoor activities.

A nonprofit dedicated to increasing the participation of women & girls in outdoor activities.

What began as intimidating internship in the summer of 2016, quickly turned into an obvious passion. Writing to share, writing to empower and writing to connect those across the globe was what I was here to do. And what I hope to continue to do. Only three months later, the team at SheJumps brought me on as their National Content Writer. I write several pieces a month that detail SheJumps' partnerships, interview professional athletes and even share personal experiences. I never knew I could find a place that wrapped so many of my passions into one sweet and kind bundle. Feel free to explore some of my favorite pieces with SheJumps below.



Four Girls And a Matterhorn

After watching a short video of a group of four women climb up the east face of the infamous Matterhorn, to then ski down it, I knew I had to to spread the word. To successfully ski this mountain takes every ounce of skill, perseverance and luck. After interviewing Professional freeride skier, Lorraine Huber, the mentality behind the movements of these women came into place, offering one of the most inspiring ski stories.


TReeline Coffee Roasters

Formerly known as Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters, Treeline Coffee Roasters goes far beyond making a good cup of coffee. As fellow adventurers, mountain lovers and go-getters, Treeline believes that coffee should fuel passions, and be the companion to any and every adventure. An interview with the founder, Natalie Van Dusen, gave the ultimate scoop on how this company began and what continues to make it grow.


Mountain Hub

There are many things that draw us to the outdoors. Stunning beauty, crisp air and pure adrenaline are just a few. The views are earned and the adventure likely comes with some form of risk. It’s what keeps us coming back.

However, in order to keep coming back, safety and smarts must be added to the equation. Between weather, mapping and navigation, staying alert and safe in the outdoors can easily get overwhelming. A company rooted in Park City, UT, known as Mountain Hub, makes all of that juggling just a bit simpler with their innovative new app.